Getting Around in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is a wonderful mixture of history and a modern atmosphere. Wonderfully clean and beautiful, the Dutch capital is the perfect setting for a holiday or a short city break. Flights are always available at the last minute, and well-priced hotels in Amsterdam make this a great option for last minute travellers or those on a budget.

Once you have reached your destination and hopped off the plane you need to find your way around. Holland is very keen on public transportation and bicycles, so where possible try and do as the locals do. Saying that, if you get a taxi to your hotel from the airport no one will judge you, and you will probably just want to get there hassle free. Just remember to factor in the cost of travel as the more private methods you use, the higher your bill for this section will go up.


Trains in Amsterdam may not be the most punctual, especially at rush hour, but there are as many as 6 an hour to most locations. Tickets are expensive if you buy them on the train and you can halve the cost by buying at a ticket office before you board. Further discounts can be obtained with one of the travel cards on offer. These tend to only be cost efficient if you’re staying a while, or if you are planning on doing lots of travel.


Bus and Tram

Amsterdam has a good bus and tram system in operation throughout the city. As there are quite a few networks and timetables it is a good idea to visit the GVB information office as they are in charge of public transport here and can offer you all the help you require.


The preferred transportation method of the locals is a bike and you will see hundreds of cyclists during your visit. Holland’s flat terrain and great cycling facilities make this one of the most bicycle friendly countries in the world, with Amsterdam at its core.

Amsterdam is unlike anywhere in the world and you will want to explore as much as possible on your stay. Where possible go on foot, as this gives you the best chance to stumble across some undiscovered places. Stay in a centrally located hotel to get the best experience. If you are in a hurry or need to go a little further, do as the locals do and make use of their public transport, instead of just jumping in a taxi.

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