Top 3 Things to Do in the Exciting World of Turkey

What do you call a place that packs a fusion of eastern and western cultures and offers plenty of beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, grand bazaars and delicious cuisines? You call it Turkey, a destination that blends surreal adventure with outstanding beauty and makes your holiday experience inspiring and rejuvenating. From exploring the ancient city of Troy to shopping for authentic carpets in bazaars, the range that Turkey offers is just amazing, what’s more if you are looking for something out of the box this season, you can be sure Turkey has it.

While the usual sun and beach combo ranks high on every traveler’s agenda in Turkey, the huge country also offers some out of the box stuff that lies outside the general holiday experience. These are the top three things that you should do in the exciting world of Turkey, things that you can’t generally call your routine traveler activities.

  • Hot air balloon ride over ancient Cappadocia: If you are not afraid of heights, then this adventure not only promises beauty, adrenaline rush but also history. Take a hot air balloon ride over the historical region of Cappadocia which is stuffed with natural wonders and is considered one of the best places for hot air ballooning.
  • Romantic cruise trips: How about a romantic trip on traditional Turkish boats called Gulets. Starting from the beautiful town of Kekova, the trip covers prominent ports in Turkey, follows mesmerizing dolphins and serves outstanding cuisines, everything that a traveler wishes for in a holiday, not to be missed at any cost.
  • Savor traditional Turkish bath: Visit Hamams which are public bath centers used over decades for treating ailments, skin rejuvenation, massages and much more. These special baths blend ancient techniques with modern therapies and are designed to offer both wellness and healthy outlook to your life.

Another great aspect about this unforgettable Turkish experience is its accessibility, with so many companies offering economical travel deals for Turkey, you can easily save loads of mint with proper planning. For example, when choosing your flying partner, choose Pegasus Airlines which is the most established private airline of Turkey for the past two decades offering affordable yet luxurious experience. Remember every little penny saved can be utilized to splurge on your Turkish vacation. So get set for extraordinary sights and diverse traditions in the magical land of Turkey.

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